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Moving and Storage – Stash It or Take It?


Moving and storage – the two most important questions when you are considering a move right? You can choose to move it all immediately, or if circumstances dictate, store it and get it delivered later. In a way too cool development in the moving and storage industry, you can use portable units for portable storage (PUPS) or Smart Box.
PUPS (Smart Box) can be delivered to your business or resident on a specially designed flatbed truck. This is moving and storage at its easiest. The PUPS is placed at ground level for easy packing and unpacking.  You load your PUPS and then lock it up. Now, you can either store your PUPS on your premises (so this is more the storage part of moving and storage) or call the company you rented your PUPS from to pick it up and have it stored in either a secure outdoor compound or climate controlled warehouse.
The PUPS provide convenience, security, and affordability. If you need temporary or long-term moving and storage solutions at your home or business, this is the option you will want to consider. And remember, you can also store you goods off-site on onsite at your chosen location. Just how easy is that? It's rather like the traditional U-store facilities, but ten times improved.
You'll remember that with traditional storage units, you had to get a truck, load the truck, unload it into the storage unit, and return the truck. Then when you wanted your belongings, you had to go get another truck again, load your belongings (again), move them, unload them (again) and then return the truck. If you're tired after reading this, you'll know why – you've been working hard moving stuff from one place to another.
PUPS can save you this endless loop of moving and storage and storage and moving. They can also save you some serious dollars. If you're in a situation where you need to move right away, but your home or business is not quite ready, then PUPS can bail you out of a tight spot.
There is also Smart Box very similar to PUPS in concept and execution. They're easy to use and you don't need a truck (because you can store things in the box on your property). There's no great rush to get somewhere, and you can load at your own convenience. The company will deliver the boxes to you, pick them up and store them too (if you want them stored on their site instead of your location.) That's convenient and saves you time and money. And that is precisely what you need when you are moving.
Who is using Smart Box? The list is pretty long, and you can likely see yourself at the end of it. Smart Box is for you if you are moving locally or long distance; for real estate agents; homeowners who want to remodel or renovate their existing home; home buyers and sellers and they're great for storage for apartments. Just add your name and your needs right here!

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